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Group & Individual Medical Insurance Brokerage located in Springfield, MO Knowledgeable, strong, accountable and making good on promises... words all companies seem to use but few ever deliver on. Benefits Unlimited, Incorporated in Springfield, MO not only delivers on these words, but prove them through an uncompromised commitment to service, superior products, and a genuine willingness to listen to what our client's true needs are when it comes to health and life benefits. Knowledge is gained by years of experience and dedication to an industry. We have over 100 years of combined health and life benefits experience. Our total emphasis is on managing the health and life insurance needs of our clients. That is it, we do not try to be experts in anything else. Call for your free quotes. We will shop the market for you, and only offer you premier, proven Carriers. We stand behind our clients with exemplary customer service and are here for all of your medical, life, disability, and dental insurance needs.

We have received the highest honor available, The Elite Plus Circle of Champions awarded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for our contribution and services in helping secure coverage for qualified individuals and families.