Protecting your LIFE and HEALTH requires a winning game plan.

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Individual & Family
Health Insurance

No coverage offered at work? Self-employed? No Problem! We have solutions for individuals and families designed for their specific needs

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Employee Benefits
Group Health Insurance

Providing affordable, quality benefits will attract and retain your employees

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The Marketplace (Federally Facilitated Marketplace) is designed to make available coverage to individuals and their families a variety of comprehensive health plans on a guaranteed basis and at a reduced cost.

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Disability Coverage

A crippling accident or illness can stop your ability to earn an income and care for your family's needs

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Dental Coverage
Individuals and Families

Individual dental coverage is a very popular product for those who do not have dental benefits through their employers

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Life Insurance

Having your life insured is a testament of love and concern for those left behind

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Individual Health Employee/Group Health Marketplace Disability Insurance Dental Insurance Life Insurance
Individual Health Employee/Group Health Marketplace Disability Insurance Dental Insurance Life Insurance

Making the right moves in choosing the best solutions for your Springfield and Southwest Missouri health, supplemental, life, group and other insurance benefits requires a plan and strategy that is proven. Like the game of chess, each move creates a different set of challenges, decisions and obstacles to overcome. One wrong move can produce unexpected results where you may find yourself in checkmate! When it comes to health benefits, you need a Springfield Missouri insurance friend that you can trust to coach you through the game that many individuals and businesses must conquer. Call upon Benefits Unlimited, Inc. to be your friend when you are ready to win the game.

Looking for Individual or Group Insurance?

  • Individual Insurance

    When you request a quote from our system expect to receive rates and benefit designs from the top companies available in your area. You will receive a complete comparison of plans and rates that meet your specific needs, all in one easy to understand illustration. We will promptly and confidentially send your results to the email address you provide.

  • Group Insurance

    Once you have provided the required information our experienced staff will begin preparing you the most comprehensive report of all the companies, rates and benefits that meet your specifications.

    We can even include your current program so you can see how it stacks up to the competition. Your free, no obligation proposal will be delivered to the email address you provide. Normal delivery time is three business days or less.

Elite Plus Award

We have received the highest honor available, The Elite Plus Circle of Champions awarded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for our contribution and services in helping secure coverage for qualified individuals and families.